time to change

The credibility of establishment figures has been demolished and we no longer trust our 'Political elite'.

We are now the ones to put the broken pieces of this 'Jigsaw' and be the 'Masters' of our destiny. 

For many decades the citizens of our country have had to dance to the egoistic, self-centred politician’s tunes, we must now put a stop to the current status quo and claim our right of involvement in our future destiny, prosperity and  the ability to question and dismiss our parliamentarian when:

1. It does not comply with its ‘principle duty’ of ‘Having its duties lie’ the 'Constituents'.

2. When it is preoccupied with its own affairs, those of its party or part’s leader.

'The most common mistake politicians make is to serve their patrons rather than their constituents'.

SpLD, A specific learning difficulty.


A specific learning difficulty (SpLD) is a difference or difficulty with some particular aspects of learning.


This is a widespread ‘Epidemic’ which has infiltrated the political spectrum.


Many ’Politicians’ don’t like to admit to their mistakes, they do not meet their failures with intellectual honesty and a willingness to understand what went wrong, but with back covering and defensiveness. This has a simple consequence: if mistakes are not learned from, they will be made again and again. And again. However, it appears that most politicians are incapable to comprehend this ‘Hypotheses’ or its effects on us the citizens?